Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System

Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System
Safe Tooth Whitening 266x300 Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System
Safe Tooth Whitening

Do you know what women want? A man who can make them laugh, make ‘em smile. And to do that you (the man) will have to laugh and smile with them. And let’s face it, a set of nice white teeth will help you do this. Having healthy looking teeth helps you boost your confidence. That’s why more and more men are looking into teeth whitening products. You can have it done by your dentist, but a cheaper option is doing it yourself using home teeth whitening kits.

Unfortunately there are many teeth whitening products on the market containing dangerous ingredients like peroxide, which can if used incorrectly cause long term damage to your teeth, gums and general oral health.

One of the safe products on the market is Zero Peroxide, because well the name says it all, it’s peroxide free. But what is it then and what does it contain if not peroxide? A Zero Peroxide review for you, to answer these questions…

What is Zero Peroxide?

Zero Peroxide is an EU approved non-peroxide home tooth whitening system. In stead of using peroxide to whiten teeth it uses a mix of effective and powerful, but safe ingredients that work together to get you whiter teeth and improve your overall oral health.

The key ingredients in Zero Peroxide are:

  • Sodium bicarbonate and polysorbates for powerful whitening and stain removing.
  • Vitamin D, chamomile, pomegranate and aloe vera supporting healthy teeth and gums.

Zero Peroxide promises healthy white teeth fast. Users have reported whiter teeth within as little as 20 minutes. The gentleman in the video below mentions that after only two weeks of using Zero Peroxide he too has notice significant results.

For more information on Zero Peroxide user reports click here

So what do you get with Zero Peroxide?

The total product is pretty impressive and not many teeth whitening products offer such a complete package. At the time of writing this review the complete Zero Peroxide kit contains:

Two 10ml non-peroxide teeth whitening gels;

based on sodium bicarbonate which has been proven to whiten teeth in clinical trials. Living up to its name the gel contains no peroxide and is therefore free from the negative side effects that come with the use of peroxide. The Zero Peroxide teeth whitening gels are also enhanced with natural ingredients such as pomegranate, aloe vera and chamomile to provide better and faster whitening, plus improve general oral health.

Luxury mouth tray;

made from super-soft silicone which doesn’t require any molding so there is no need to warm up and mold using boiling water, so no risk of burning your lips or mouth. Unlike some other products this mouth tray is very clear and lets through optimal amount LED light so your teeth will get whiter and you’ll see results much faster. The silicone is also very soft comfortable to wear.

LED accelerator light;

used to help speed up the oxidising process that contributes to the whitening effect of the gel. The light is the same LED teeth whitening as used by dentists worldwide and is a safe and effective UV light, which has been proven to boost the effects of the tooth whitening process by up to 50%. It is specifically designed to be used with the luxury mouth tray, so provides a perfect and comfortable fit.

Teeth whitening pen;

let’s you carry some gel around in your pocket or handbag for ‘on-the-go’ touch-ups to your white teeth. Perfect for after smoking or consuming drinks and foods that cause your teeth to colour, such as red wine and curries. Many competing products would offer this as an add-on against extra costs, but Zero Peroxide includes the teeth whitening pen in all its packages, even the most basic one. Big thumbs up for that.

Mouth tray holder;

helps you store your mouth tray so that you keep it germ and bacteria free. Very important, especially if you are using the product while travelling. Again not all teeth whitening products include this, so again an extra plus point for Zero Peroxide. I mean you are putting the mouth piece in your mouth, so I for one would like it to remain as clean as possible.

Zero Peroxide travel bag;

made from PVC so offers excellent waterproof protection for your kit whether it’s for storing away in your bathroom or when you are travelling so keeping it in your bag, suitcase and foreign hotel bathrooms.

Other teeth whitening products do offer extra’s like a touch-up pen, mouth tray holder or travel bag, but many would charge extra for it. The fact the Zero Peroxide includes this in its standard packages definitely makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Tooth shade guide and instructions;

detailed instructions so that you know how to use the kit in the safest way and for the best results. The full Zero Peroxide kit includes a tooth shade guide so you can easily track you progress and see how much whiter you teeth have become. Nice if your into measuring your progress.

Summing up the key benefits of Zero Peroxide:

  • Get results in 20 minutes
  • No irritation, sensitivity or other negative side effects
  • Teeth whitening pen included in every kit as standard
  • Superior ‘comfort’ mouth piece that lets more LED light through
  • Enhanced with natural extracts for faster, more enhanced results

Plus one of the longest money back guarantees in the industry. A full 30 day money back guarantee, so you can give it a go for 1 month and if you are not happy with the results, just ask for your money back.

If you are looking for a safe teeth whitening system that will deliver results, this product definitely gets the thumbs up!

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