My Life is Full of Joy and Peace

My Life is Full of Joy and Peace

Holidays provide opportunity for celebration, gift-giving, reflection, tradition, relationship and spiritual renewal, and relaxation. However, they often bring about family tension, crowded schedules, remembrances of lost loved ones, and/or additional tasks and expectations. By determining your goals for the holidays and by staying in control of your overall plan, you can help to ward off excessive stress and have a more enjoyable time all around.

The first and most important step to a less stressful holiday is to determine the purpose of the holiday? Is it a time to get reconnected, rejuvenated, or for spiritual reflection? Once you have decided this you will be better equipped to make decisions on how to handle your holiday plans.

Delayna’s Top 10 Tips To A StressLess Holiday:

1. Get back to basics and simplify. Are you spending all day cleaning up from the

holiday feast – use paper plates.

2. Avoid ‘holiday perfectionism’. Thinking, saying, or planning for the best holiday ever can lead to certain disappointment.

3. Stop and be in the moment. Have you noticed the wondrous sights, sounds, and

smells around you or have you been too caught up in the to-do’s to notice?

4. Acknowledge your feelings. Take into account the losses that you have experienced, but remember to keep your perspective and to talk positively to yourself about the past challenges that you have overcome.

5. Ask for help. Remember your ultimate goal for the holiday and get support and

assistance from those around you.

6. Set realistic expectations. Things aren’t going to go perfectly and that’s ok. You can’t control every outcome, but you can prepare yourself mentally by visualizing your calm, positive response to negative events.

7. Get moving. It’s not the chores, shopping, and Uncle Stanley’s visit that’s stressing you out – it’s your anticipation of them! Act now by creating a to-do list, and tackle one or two items per week through the holidays.

8. Avoid the shotgun approach. You’ll accomplish more by tackling one thing at time and giving it your full attention.

9. Budget your holiday expenditures. Set per person limits on gift giving and stick to them. Don’t overlook special outlays for travel, decorations, food and entertainment.

10. Don’t lose the meaning. If consumerism has you down, check out for awhile with inspirational literature and reconnect with what makes the holidays special and important. Participate in reaffirming activities. Spend time at church and in your community with like-minded people.

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