Heart Disease Is the Most Killer Disease Nowadays

Heart Disease Is the Most Killer Disease Nowadays

The sad truth today that people all around the globe and more specially in the United States have to face is that heart disease today has continued to remain among the highest most dangerous killer diseases in the US, and it is not showing any signs of being brought under control in spite of conducting the most thorough research in finding means to prevent it from happening.

Furthermore, when you consider heart disease in total, you will find that there are a number of things to worry about regarding the health of your heart including coronary heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms, heart valve disease, heart failure as well as congenital heart disease, pericardial disease, cardiomyopathy and likewise vascular disease and even marfan syndrome.

Affects Structure Including Functioning Of The Heart

The problem with each of these types of heart disease is that they all will adversely impact either your heart’ s structure or its functioning, and thus you need to take a close look at how varied things make you more liable to suffer from various types of heart problems.

Take for example congenital heart disease that is believed to affect as many as half a million adults in the US, and although this kind of condition is because of a birth defect which may only be minor in nature; it still means that a person suffering from it may need to monitor his health all through his life or even resort to taking medications over the long term.

There are also a number of things that cause heart disease including genetics, substance abuse, chromosomal abnormalities, and alcohol use as well as some medications that pregnant women need to take.

Besides, it is possible for a person to suffer from the more common type of heart disease which is heart failure that can take place because of having high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease and even due to thyroid disease, and they can happen either alone or combined together and will then cause a person’ s heart to fail.

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