Gentle Leader Headcollar -- PBS Animal Health for Pets

Gentle Leader Headcollar -- PBS Animal Health for Pets

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Tired of your dog taking YOU for a walk?

#1 recommended headcollar endorsed by leading vets, trainers and behaviorists.

Scientifically designed to work with dog''s natural instincts for gentle control of unwanted behavior…in minutes -- not weeks!

Nicknamed the "10-minute Attitude Adjuster®" because most dogs respond with a dramatic change in behavior in less than 10 minutes.

Painless, humane collar counters dog''s natural instinct to pull against pressure in two ways:

Applies pressure to the BACK of the neck rather than the front, thereby reducing the dog''s drive to pull forward and,

Works like a halter on a horse -- where the nose goes, the body follows.

Helps stop pulling, lunging and other misbehaviors such as jumping on people.

Can be used to walk your dog or teach your dog to sit.

Also helps fearful and shy dogs feel more secure.

Unique design features adjustable nose loop for a custom fit.

Won''t come off over dog''s head; no need for safety straps or awkward double-leashing.

Not a muzzle; will not choke.

Conveniently converts to a traditional collar.

Small fits up to 25 lbs (beagles, Jack Russells, shelties, etc.); medium fits 25-60 lbs (dalmatians, pointers, spaniels, sight hounds, etc.); large fits 60-130 lbs (danes, goldens, labs, rotties, shepherds, etc.).

Available in black, fawn (tan) and royal blue colors.

Does not include leash (sold separately - See Deer Ridge Leash).

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