Environmental toxins and natural Hormone replacement

Environmental toxins and natural Hormone replacement

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Better Living Through Natural Hormone Replacement

There are two major components of a pro-active protocol.

Get the "good chemistry" in and the "bad chemistry" out.

What''s the "bad" and what''s the "good"?

How much do you have and what do you need?

Accurate testing is imperative! How do you get it?

Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Oxygen, H2O, etc.

These are some of the required materials your body needs to make specific

Materials for specific functions: Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Antibodies,

Labs to check "good chemistry" levels.

Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins Levels, and Fatty Acids Levels.

Chemistry that impedes or blocks proper functions of the body.

Environmental toxins : Heavy metals, Mercury amalgam, Pesticides,

Artificial sweeteners and colorings, Toxins from bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

These toxins significantly negatively affect the Endocrine system,

Immune system and all other organ systems based upon exposure

Chronic Stress Chemistry: results in high level of Adrenal Hormones, such as,

Cortisol and eventually suppresses DHEA, Testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone

Central Obesity, Decreased Glucose Regulation, High LDL Cholesterol,

Numbness, Tingling, Weakness, Cold, Hot Flashes, Skin Rash, Hair Loss

Decreased Libido, Decreased Sexual Function, Menstrual Abnormalities

Central Obesity, Decreased Glucose Regulation, High LDL Cholesterol,

Numbness, Tingling, Weakness, Cold, Hot Flashes, Skin Rash, Hair Loss

Decreased Libido, Decreased Sexual Function, Menstrual Abnormalities

Testing for Heavy Metals and Other Toxins

It is the liver''s major job to detoxify the body through 4 pathways.

Heavy metals are the most destructive. Blood tests are useless

Only mild detoxification protocols may be used to test and treat.

Oral IV CaEdta - collect urine

If NO Mercury Amalgam is present:

IV DMPS/CaEdta protocol - collect urine

Accurate Testing is Difficult to Achieve

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine recommends that the following hormones be assessed and the following blood

Recommendations of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

DHEA - SO4 >450 mcg/dl >400 mcg/dl

Testosterone >600-1000 ng/dl 30-35 ng/dl

Free T3 4.5-4.9 pg/dl 4.5-4.9 pg/dl

Free T4 1.0 ng/dl 1.0 ng/dl

IGF - 1 >300 ng/ml >300 ng/ml

How Do I Address Any Hormone Deficiency?

A - Nutritionally support biochemical pathways

B - Detoxify any blocks in the pathway

C - Depending on the severity of the symptoms and lab values,

Bio-identical Hormones can be used to supplement.

Hopefully, with detoxification and nutritional support,

endogenous production of hormones will resume.

Vitamin C - 6-8 g/day, also a detoxifying agent

Detoxification protocolsOral agents: Fiber- 40-60 g/day

DMSA- weak agent, not effective for Mercury

DMPS- effective for Mercury, best if used IV or IM

IM agents: DMPS, best for Mercury

IV agents: DMPS, best for Mercury

Somatic treatments- Infrared, Ozone, Steam/Dry Sauna, Cranial-Sacral,

Energetic Bodywork, Acupuncture, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Oxidative Colonic Therapy, Chiropractic, Electomagnetic Field

Bio-identical hormones are genetic identical to human hormones.

Premarin = Pregnant Mares'' Urine and is associated with increased uterine and breast cancer. 26 different horse estrogens

Armour is pig-derived and made in a ratio of T4 and T3. You cannot independently adjust the two hormones.

Thyrolar is cow-derived and made in a ratio of T4 and T3. You cannot

Bio-identical hormones are available from your friendly, neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy and on-line sources, such www.Nanomedhealth.com.

There are various routes of administration: oral, sublingual, topical, injectable, patch and suppository.

Hormones levels can be checked every 4-6 weeks to monitor levels.

If your levels do not increased, consider changing route as well as dose.

Starting Doses of Replacement Bio-Identical Hormones Based Upon Labs

In supplementing hormone deficiencies, start with DHEA, the Mother Precursor hormone of the adrenal pathways. Strive for

optimal levels of DHEA before addressing other derivative hormones, such as Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone. Do independently

supplement, Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone, if the levels are significantly low, as indicated below:

DHEA (Mother Precursor Hormone)- If less than: 100 mcg/dl, take 25mg/day

(Male and Female) 200 mcg/dl, take 20 mg/day

Estradiol-Female: If less than 20 pg/dl, supplement independently of DHEA.

Progesterone- Female: If less than 1.0 ng/dl, with symptoms, such as, menstrual irregularities, start with 5mg/day supplementation.

Again, supplement DHEA as required for optimal levels.

Testosterone- Female: If lab level is 20-29ng/dl, start with 0.625mg/day

10-19ng/dl, start with 1.25mg/day

Male: If lab level is less than 300ng/dl, start with 2.5mg/day

Again, supplement DHEA to optimal levels.

Thyroid SupplementationFree T3 - Liothyronine (Cytomel) - The active thyroid hormone derived from Free T4.

Free T4 is converted into Free T3 in the liver and kidney by the 5''deiodinase enzyme.

This enzyme is inactivated by the heavy metals, Mercury, Lead and Cadmium.

Liothyronine - compounded, can be made in any dose required and in a slow-release form.

Cytomel is the synthetic form, made in 5, 25, and 50 mcg tablets that can be dissolved sublingually.

Free T3 - If 3.5-4.0 pg/dl, take 5 mcg 2 X day

2.9-3.4 pg/dl, take 10 mcg 2 X day

2.4-2.8 pg/dl, take 15 mcg 2 X day

1.8-2.3 pg/dl, take 20 mcg 2 X day

< 1.7 pg/dl, take 25 mcg 2 X day

Start low and slow with thyroid hormone supplementation. You may titrate up the dose every 3-5 days. Labs can be re-checked

every 4 weeks. Blood should be drawn 2 hours after morning dose.

Free T4 - Levothyroxine-(Synthroid) - This is the inactive hormone produced by the thyroid gland. It must be converted

into the active Free T3 for proper metabolic function.

Free T4 - If less than 1.0 ng/dl, take 0.05 mg/day

Levels can be re-checked every 4 weeks.

IGF-1 = <200 ng/ml, take 1-2u/day SQ, may titrate up 1u every 2 months based upon labs.

IGF-1 = 201-300 ng/ml, can try HGH secretogogues. If no improvement, try 1u HGH.