Book Review: Lose Weight By Boosting Your Metabolism

Book Review: Lose Weight By Boosting Your Metabolism

Would you like a simple plan for automatic weight loss through healthy eating? In Dr. Mark Hyman''s book, Ultrametabolism, he offers offers 7 keys to healthy weight loss which include understanding how stress and inflammation affect our weight and how to turbo-charge metabolism and detoxify your body, especially your liver.

Hyman''s detailed plan for lifestyle changes involves eating whole foods in the right combinations. This approach detoxifies your body, helps you avoid age related diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease and allows you to achieve permanent weight loss in a healthy way..

Other useful info includes a list of herbs to help with metabolism such as capaaicin (cayanne pepper), cocoa, cinnamon, cocoa, enzymes such as bromalain, green tea,ginger, turmeric and others.

1. Control your appetite and metabolism by understanding how the brain, gut and fat cells communicate with each other through hormones and brain messenger chemicals which drive your eating behavior. (This info is included in Hyman''s research)

5. Learn to turbocharge your metabolic engine to turn calories into enerby more efficiently.

7. Detoxify your liver so it will properly metabolize sugars and fats and eleminate toxins and toxic weight.

Understanding these 7 keys is critical to long-term, sustainable weight loss, says Hyman.

His plan is two-phase, preceded by a one week preparation phase. The first phase lasts three weeks and involves a period of cleansing and renewal through detoxification. The second phase lasts for a lifetime.

Ultrametabolism is full of details, research and background information to explain why this approach is healthy and why it works. Hyman offers step by step instruction and recipes to fit into every busy lifestyle and once you get the hang of the program, it would be fairly easy to follow.

Hyman''s Ultrametabolism is probably one of the best all-around healthy approaches to weight loss out there. He advocates whole, unprocessed foods - cutting sugar, junk food and caffeine are one of the first parts of the program. Also gone are foods which commonly cause allergies-gluten, dairy and eggs. These last foods can be added back to the diet later to see how your body reacts to them.

Hyman also covers meal timing (eat every 3-4 hours), meal composition (control the glycemic load), which snacks keep us healthy and which foods should be included and excluded from this healthy diet.

Some important advice from Hyman includes choosing organic products, eating Omega 3 eggs, using extra virgin olive oil and eating dark chocolate-yes chocolate!

Hyman also covers herbs and supplements, how to create your own ultra-kitchen, menus and recipes for your ultrametabolism diet.

Having read many weight loss books, I would highly recommend the Ultrametabolism approach to achieving your perfect weight while improving your health.

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