The Benefits Of Arch Supports For Flat Feet

The Benefits Of Arch Supports For Flat Feet

Most people are aware of the fact that the arches of their feet are responsible for supporting their full weight. Whether or not a person has adequate arches will play a major role in his or her health. This is because those whose arches have failed to develop may suffer from neck and spine pain and experience early arthritis. However, those who invest in arch supports for flat feet can minimize or eliminate such problems.

Arch supports and orthopedic shoes are devices that are designed to realign a person’s spine to a natural position where no discomfort or pain is experienced. Such items are manufactured with a raised portion on the base of the shoes, which makes an arch for the individual’s soles. Removable arch inserts are a highly popular item among people suffering from flat feet.

The objective for those who use such inserts is to lessen the painful discomfort they feel in their neck, knees, hips and back, which is caused by flat feet. As one would suspect, a person’s body will try to compensate if this pressure is not controlled, which almost always results in constant pain. Many people are completely unaware that there symptoms are the result of improper arch support.

Study suggests that inadequate sole support can cause one to develop arthritis of the knees and hips. However, the inserts mentioned above can reduce this pressure and tension on an individual’s joints, and in many cases, prevent early arthritis. Additional studies suggest that essentially all people over the age of 40 can benefit to some degree from such devices. This is due to the fact that one’s arches usually begin falling after age 35.

Shoe inserts of this type are available in various sizes and can be purchased in drugstores or sporting goods outlets. An affordable pair can be located by virtually anyone, as such devices are associated with a vast array of prices. Consumers should avoid basing their choice solely on cost, however, as it is not helpful to buy poor quality supports that will wear out in the near future.

Customized shoe inserts are also an option for certain individuals. However, such devices require a prescription from a podiatrist or medical doctor. The consumer will need an appointment and an evaluation before he or she can be fitted for prescription supports. Typically, a mold of the patient’s foot is taken and sent to the company where the supports will be manufactured.

Other individuals who may find equipment of this kind advantageous are those with bunions or painful heel spurs. The latter develop when a small fragment of the person’s bone grows out from the heel at an awkward angle, putting pressure on the tissue surrounding the spur. Substantial discomfort and pain frequently accompany this condition. A good quality support can reduce the stress, and therefore alleviate the person’s pain.

A physician or podiatrist may suggest custom-made arch supports for flat feet. However, other individuals may be able to purchase such devices over-the-counter and experience similar benefits. The severity of the person’s condition will determine whether or not customized devices are necessary. Those who suspect they have fallen arches or foot problems should seek medical advice from a doctor or podiatrist.

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