Delicious Healthy Gourmet Coffee

Delicious Healthy Gourmet Coffee

If you could use a little inspiration today, this will do it for you!

Jeremy Boone is an expert in coaching young athletes and in working with their parents. He has a dream of being an author and leveraging the power of having a book with his name on the cover.

Naturally, he has had challenges along the way that have caused him delays. I am not at liberty to be specific, but anyone who is hurling yourself toward a big dream will face just such delays and challenges.

He certainly could allow the situation to be a setback, but not Jeremy! He will have this book done before the Super Bowl is played and will have copies in hand.

When did he start? He is starting to write his book today and will have it completed by Sunday, January 16, 2011.

Nothing like a little motivation, right?

He is using the system I teach to write his book quickly and ensure that it builds his business. And he is letting me pull back the curtain and show you his progress each step of the way.

Here is a little about Jeremy’s background. He is into sports in a big way. Jeremy is a speed and conditioning coach.

Now his need for speed is showing up in the realm of how to write a book and get published fast.

I don’t know much about athletics, but talking with Jeremy showed me that the same thing can happen in youth athletics that happens in theater. Some parents are overbearing, whether intentionally or not.

In theater they call this the stage mom or stage parent, and this is the parent who is constantly pushing their child and getting too involved in their performance.

Not surprisingly, the same thing can happen in athletics. And Jeremy Boone of has the program to coach parents who have kids in athletics.

He has plans for several books, and he already has other programs and tools in place for parents and teen athletes.

He is determined to have 50 copies of his published book in hand by Friday, January 28th for a conference with 700 athletes and parents the next day!

Go Jeremy!

Can this be done?

YES—with the right system!

In order for Jeremy to have copies in hand to sell by Friday, January 28th, 2011, he needs to have the book finished 10–14 days ahead of that so he can approve the physical proof copy and then order the amount of copies he wants in hand for the event..

I have proof that you can take a book from nothing to published in 7 days. Watch the video:

I know this will inspire you. Jeremy is letting me pull back the curtain and let you follow his journey to being a published author. So keep watching for updates of his progress.

Jeremy’s timeline:

  • January 12–16 – Write book, get endorsements, design cover.
  • January 16 – Finish writing book and upload it to the publisher’s website.
  • January 17–21 – Write press packet, get reviews, order proof copy when it is ready, approve proof if it is satisfactory.
  • Day physical proof copy arrives – take photo of himself with book. Post to website. Send to Ronda (his mentor).
  • January 21–22 – order 50 copies of book for speaking engagement.
  • January 29 – speaking engagement

Watch this site for frequent updates throughout the month of January, 2011.

Jeremy is definitely determined, but there is no reason why YOU can’t write a book over the next few days. Jeremy is about to do it. I’ve done it twice. You can do it too.

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