Why Is Personal Fitness ImportantWhy is

Why Is Personal Fitness ImportantWhy is

Why Is Personal Fitness Important

Why is personal fitness important? Why try and decide to train with a personal trainer? The answers to these questions can be many.

Some answers might be: if you want to lose weight, if you want to increase your muscle mass, in order to improve your performance in certain sports, if you will be well below the point of view of psycho-physical, if you are tired of the crowds in gyms where you are not able to concentrate.

Why is personal fitness important? Because this way you can concentrate better on yourself and achieving your goals. A personal trainer can help you in drafting a customized workout and continues to provide guidance during the exercises so that the exercises are carried out as well and do not create health hazards.


What is a personal trainer?

The personal trainer is an experienced fitness instructor to be qualified by the university courses and courses run by training institutions regarding fitness. The task of the personal trainer is to assess the state of fitness of the person who has contacted them and schedule a series of exercises that should be fun, engaging, and likely to reach the goal that the customer has set for itself.

The personal fitness trainer gives:

-advice on how to achieve targets

-dietary advice

-incentive to train with consistency

-motivational stimulus

Personal training lasts an average of one hour. The first session is usually used to complete medical history, or the collection of a range of data from those details, the assessment of health status of major organs and body regions, in the sporting history of the subject, how often will they train etc.

The first session will be used to test the client. Tests will vary depending on the case and the objective which is to be achieved. Among the many you can do:

-test scores V02max

-test for joint mobility

-test for muscle strength

-anthropometric test (plicometria, impedenziometria, etc.).

-Postural assessment


Preferably it should be a degree in movement science who has specialized master and through various courses in various disciplines related fitness and other sports (yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling, tennis etc.).

The first place where you can find a personal fitness trainer is the gym where you are practicing and maybe already offers the service of PT.

If you are in this condition try to entrust to the instructor that you feel more prepared, which is more qualified and that gives you more confidence. A personal trainer is to be found in the appropriate agencies or the internet in various sites.

The cost will vary according to the city where you live and according to the experience and training of your coach. Usually the cost will go from 30 € to 60 € per lesson. Usually you can buy packages of lessons for a better price.