What can you do to cure a yeast infection during pregnancy without harming your

What can you do to cure a yeast infection during pregnancy without harming your

Waiting for your baby arrives in the world is one of the most amazing things you can experience in life – unfortunately the pregnancy may be far from comfortable! Not only can you experience nausea, restless nights, mood swings and big cravings, you can also suffer from a yeast infection.

To address your yeast infection during pregnancy, you need to do what you need to do if you were not pregnant. No, going to the doctor and get a prescription is not what you can do (and do not treat the symptoms anyway – not the underlying cause). You need to watch your diet – especially the fat content.

When we get pregnant our cravings can make us eat everything and anything in sight – take our fat intake too high in some cases, what causes yeast infections. The problem with too much fat is that it is very difficult to digest – it may take several hours and therefore remain in the blood, rather than move along our cells at once. When we eat fruit or something with sugar, it is blocked from being absorbed by the blood to cells, because the fat is still there. Our level of sugar in the blood becomes high because the sugar is in our blood.

The Candida organism grows naturally in all of us and in some respects, is an organization to save lives. It is when our blood sugar is higher than the organism Candida eats sugar to bring the levels down. Eating sugar makes the body grow in population. If we have a constant diet high in fat, then this problem will continue to occur.

While everyone should do in their diets, while you are pregnant be good in what you eat and reduce fat. It will be much better for you and your baby anyway – and you can get relief of symptoms and not have to worry about them coming back.

Kelly has a passion for all things natural and simple. As a victim of yeast infections, she believes it is important to let others know the real causes and natural means to be free of yeast infections for good. For more information on how you can cure your yeast infection naturally click here.

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