Wellness In Midlife - Finding Fulfillment

Wellness In Midlife - Finding Fulfillment

If you are approaching 50 or have passed that milestone year, you’ve probably began taking stock of all the things you’ve done and then things you haven’t done. Did you accomplish what you thought you would by the time you reached mid-life? Are there many things on your “to-do” list that just slipped to the bottom of your list of priorities? In short, have you found fulfillment in midlife?

My sister told me that reaching mid-life brought the realization that she’d never be a rock star. Perhaps she didn’t even want to be a rock star but when you’re young the possibility is there-and the possibility to do just about anything you please.

Midlife is a time of slipping-our looks are slipping, our health may be slipping, our children are slipping away to their own lives, the lives of our parents may be slipping away. Possibilities for change and excitement in our lives seems to be slipping away as well. How do you stop the sadness and depression from setting in when so many things in life are ending?

How do you find wellness in midlife? - take action! Don’t sit and meditate on all the things that are wrong with your life-take up meditation as a form ofrelaxation.Clear you mind and see what creative, wonderful thoughts take up residence there.

Don’t let your health deteriorate-take a walk for your heart, take a yoga class to keep your body flexible and supple. Take a nutrition class so you’ll know what you should be eating to maintain yourgood health.

Practice mindfullness several times a day by concentrating on the moment or the task in front of you. Forget yesterday or tomorrow and think about the present moment.

Find a new hobby-a hobby you never had time for in the past. Take a class to learn something about this hobby-make new friends who are interested in the new hobby. Have you always wanted to write? Take a journaling class. Have you always wanted to be a gourmet cook? Paint a beautiful picture? Classes are everywhere from rec centers to junior colleges.

Plan a trip-try a wellness vacation to learn yoga, tai chi or meditation. Go someplace you’ve always wanted to go but never thought you would. If you can''t afford a trip, go to the library and check out books on someplace you''ve always wanted to visit and become an expert on it. Try to find free travel lectures to attend.

Take your mind off yourself by helping others. A very high percentage of the volunteers in America are seniors because they have the time to volunteer and they know the importance of helping others. If you have a skill, share it as a volunteer. If you love animals, the local animal shelter can use your help. If you love the outdoors, volunteer at your local parks department.

You probably get the idea here. Forget what the mirror is telling you, forget the number that is your age-it’s just a number. Your mind and body will stay agile and the peace and happiness you find will contribute to your continued good health.

You’ll never be 20 again but -do you really want to be 20 again? Our younger years are years of struggle, to find ourselves, to establish ourselves and our families, to establish careers. The time after mid-life can bring peace and enjoyment. Many of the responsibilities of youth are behind us-kids are grown, for better or worse our working years are coming to an end. Let mid-life be the beginning of a new era in your life-an era when you will take the time to live consciously and enjoy all the little things in life that bring true happiness.

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