The Lighten Up Series Live Program

The Lighten Up Series Live Program

The Lighten Up Series

Lifestyle Shifts for Permanent Weight Loss

Downtown Charleston, SC Tuesday Evenings October 15th-November 19th 6-8 PM Only 10 Spots Available Early Bird Pricing

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Didn’t Have to Worry About Your Weight?

The Lighten Up Series is a live 6 week intensive program that teaches the fundamentals of permanent weight loss based on bio-individuality (that means we figure out what works for you!). We integrate physical and nutritional factors influencing weight loss with emotional and social components to address the root causes of excess weight. Through the course of the six weeks, we will dive into the common causes of weight gain: blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, toxicity and stress. We have designed the program so that each week builds on the last, giving you the tools to gradual, sustainable and permanent lifestyle shifts. This is a nutritionally based program that is so much more than just what we eat! We also incorporate strategies to lighten the mental load, getting you out of your head and back into your body.

Restriction Free Detox Free Cleanse Free Diet Free Scale Free

Program Overview

6 Weeks of Personal Coaching

6 Weekly Group Sessions Incorporating Education, Action Steps & Accountability

Post Program 1-0n-1 60 Minute Consultation

Customized Food & Mood Journal for a Full Year of Support

30 Days of Grocery Lists, Meal Plans & Recipes

Customized Food & Mood Journal for a Full Year of Support

Detoxification Support Supplement*

Metabolic Support Supplement*

Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement*

*All Pharmaceutical Grade and Whole Food Based

Program Completion Cooking Class & Celebratory Dinner

Discounts on Supplements and Future Programs

Free Lifetime Access to Lighten Up Programs

(yes, you can retake this program anytime, as many times as you want- for free!)

Ambassador Opportunities to Earn Cash for Referrals

Week 1: Insulin, Blood Sugar, Food and Mood:

Why we are programmed to overeat & how to stop the cycle

How to re-wire your brain to end food cravings

How stabilizing blood sugar will eliminate mood swings and deliver stable energy.

The hidden effects of chronic dieting on digestive metabolism

Healthy Snacks and Recipe Share

Week 2- Food Sensitivities, Digestion & Inflammation:

How modern foods have changed to trigger inflammation in our bodies

The hidden effects of food allergies and sensitivities on energy level and weight gain.

Why inflammation is the chronic epidemic that is making us fat and sick & how to reverse it

Healthy Snacks and Recipe Share

Week 3- Detoxification as a Lifestyle:

Why toxicity is making it impossible for you to lose weight

Understand the effects of toxic chemicals on your body

How to clean up your home and your diet

Healthy Snacks and Recipe Share

Week 4- The Stress Factor:

Influence of stress and relaxation physiology on weight

Cortisol: Why it’s crucial to manage to end abdominal fat

Stress management techniques & giving up on perfection

Healthy Snacks and Recipe Share

Week 5: Emotions & Deconstructing Cravings

Key nutritional deficiencies and excesses associated with mood

Your body responds to not only what you eat, but also what you think

The influence of thought and beliefs on metabolism

The spiritual psychology of nourishment and deeper hungers

Healthy Snacks and Recipe Share

Week 6: Cooking Class & Celebratory Dinner

Featuring Healthy Holiday Dishes

Celebrate the creation of a new life with new friends in the healthiest way possible!

Tuesdays 6-8pm October 15th – November 19th 2013

Downtown Charleston Only 10 Spots Available

$495 Investment Early Enrollment Discount Is $45 OFF & Ends Oct. 1st (only $450)

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What are Your Weight Issues Really Costing You? What Would It Mean To Be Done with Weight Issues Forever?

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Jessie Maher, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach & Meredith Anne, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach