The 5 Ab Exercises That Produce Results

The 5 Ab Exercises That Produce Results

The big players in the abdominals business are well aware of the ton of money to be made. In order to get as much of that money as possible they’ve developed countless products with the objective of keeping you from getting the results you want and instead keep on selling you the lastest device. Unfortunatly the great majority of these machines are not very effective. Don’t waste your hard earned money on these time wasters, spend your time on ab exercises that do actually work, and save that precious money while getting what you really want. Just do these five exercises and you’ll get the great abs you have been looking for.

#1 – The Deadlift Known as the king of exercises, the deadlift isn’t for wimps. As one of the three core lifts of international powerlifters, the deadlift is associated with big, musclebound strongmen. Don’t get worried though, deadlifts won’t make you look like a giant overnight. It takes a very specific diet to get the type of physique that those guys have, and without it, deadlifts will simply work out your legs, back, and abs very effectively. A true must for any ab routine.

#2 – The squat is a powerful ab builder. Is is considered to be a leg exercise, however, it also utilizes the ab muscles to keep your body straight while balancing weight on your shoulders. You need to perform the exercise while keeping your abs tense and your chest out. Your legs will certainly get a through workout and your abs will receive great benefit from this exercise.

#3 – The Sit Up This is a classic abdominal isolation exercise, and is incredibly effective when performed alongside the two other major lifts. For best results, do your sit ups at the end of your weights routine, and after any major cardio. Isolation exercises are always best done at the end of your routine, as they stress muscle groups that have already been exercised in your major lifts.

#4 – The Military Press This is another weighted exercise, and one that also exercises your chest, shoulders and arms. In order to engage the abdominals, you need to stand upright while performing this lift — sitting down takes the strain off your abdominals and instead places it on your legs. Simply push your weights from shoulder height to above your head, all the while using your abdominals to keep your body straight and upright.

#5 – An exercise that really leaves the abs pumped is the leg raise. This one does require a little bit of equipment but no contraptions. Either a chin up bar or a leg raise frame. Just perform the exercise by raising the legs to your waist keeping them straight and pointed. This one should be done at the end of the routine. The abs will receive an exhausting workout with this one.

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