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April 12, 2013 - Why Let A Disability Limit Your Mobility

For those of use who are able to walk around on our own, it’s difficult to imagine the challenges facing those with a disability. We take for granted the simple act of traveling by car. Unfortunately for those with a disability, getting in and out of their vehicle is not their only challenge.... [Read more of this article]

April 11, 2013 - Walking Routines For The Bariatric Or Gastric Bypass Patient

Every Bariatric Patient is told from DAY ONE how important it is to walk as a form of exercise after surgery. As a matter of fact, many are urged to get up and walk just hours after surgery! The benefits far outweigh the discomfort. It lowers the risk of developing blood clots, provides fresh... [Read more of this article]

April 11, 2013 - Whip It Good car Accidents And Your Spine

Among the different causes of injuries among children and adults, car accidents have been reported as one of the top causes. It accounts for 55% of spinal injury cases in the US. What kinds of injuries can I get from car accidents? Car accident injuries affect different parts of the body.... [Read more of this article]

What Hmo’s Won’t Tell You

April 11, 2013 - What Hmo’s Won’t Tell You

When a company enters into a contract with an HMO, employee satisfaction as well as company money is on the line. Health costs are rising annually, and employee health care is a major expense for most businesses. The following tips will help you select the best health plan for your business. When... [Read more of this article]