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Posts Tagged ‘safety tips’

Many of you will soon begin your journey to your holiday celebration destinations. Here at Health and Safety Source, we certainly want to wish you a glorious time, both on the road, in the air, and when you arrive. But there are some very important safety precautions you should follow when traveling for the holidays. There will be much more traffic, thus the bigger chance for accidents, and being prepared in case of emergency on the road could mean the difference between life and death, both for you and for your fellow travelers.

Below are ten tips for holiday-safe travel to assure you arrive at your destination in one piece:

1. Make sure your vehicle is ready for a trip by checking all fluids, air in the tires, your spare tire, and is gassed up.

2. Be sure you have an emergency first aid kit in your car at all times. Even if you and your passengers don’t require first aid during your journey you could very well come across a fellow traveler who does.

3. Place a map in your glove compartment.

4. Be sure you carry your cell phone and a car cell phone charger

5. Pack non-perishable snacks in case of a breakdown, such as raisins, crackers, nuts, and other protein-packed snack foods that will not spoil.

6. Blankets should definitely be in the trunk of your car at all times during winter months, even if you aren’t traveling long distances.

7. Another thing you must have in your car at all times, even when not traveling, but especially during road trips, is a flashlight. Be sure to check the batteries, and even carry a new pack of batteries with you, just in case.

8. A smart thing to carry is snow chains for your tires.

9. A AAA or other road-side assistance membership is invaluable, especially when traveling. If you break down they will assist you on the road or have a wrecker there to pick you up in no time.

10. Careful driving. This is the most important thing to carry with you, an attitude of defensive driving and calm demeanor while on the road.