May 25th ~ Extending Your Heart Healthy Spirit Body Mind

May 25th ~ Extending Your Heart  Healthy Spirit Body Mind

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The essence of beauty is the extension of the heart. Anything done from the heart will have impact.

Throughout this month weve been talking about developing mindful awareness which allows us to be more comfortable in our own skin, and in turn leads us to be more accepting our ourselves and others. Theses subtle (or maybe not so subtle) changes allow us to begin to soften and open our hearts.

Have you ever noticed on those grouchy days when you really dont feel like being nice to anyone, including yourself, that you feel a little constricted or closed up. I know I feel like I feel a bit like a leaf that is drying up, curling inward on itself. I dont particularly like that feeling either. I feel a little stiff, inflexible, and certainly not fluid, joyful, ready to see the beauty in anything. So, when I notice that feeling, physically and emotionally, I kindly remind myself that everything will end up being fine; I feel better when Im not grouchy and constricted; and I begin an attempt to soften both my attitude and body. I look for something that makes me smile the birdsong out my window, a happy dog out on a walk with his guardian, the leaves fluttering in the breeze. I breathe into and out of my heart. I do a little bit of stretching. I consciously relax my shoulders and neck. Then slowly, bit by bit, I feel better both in body and mind and am able to move through my day once again with fluid joy rather than constricted grouchiness.

When were open in both body and heart to what presents itself in our day, we begin to see more beauty around us. When we extend our best self to the world, without expectation of anything in return, we create beauty. Have you ever had a stranger smile at you or say a warm hello and it simply brightens that moment, or even your whole day? That was an extension of beauty. Have you ever extended a smile or hello to a stranger on the street? That too was an extension of beauty. You never know how much value a kind word or a smile or opening a door might bring to someone else. And it doesnt really matter that you know. What matters is that youre living life with an open heart. Youre extending your inner beauty. And, belive me it does have an impact.

Keep this in mind as you move into meditation for today. Its the 25th today have you tried increasing your meditation time minute by minute since the start of the month? Have you found that you can sit, though with humanly natural moment of distraction, for 25 minutes? Give it a try today. Sit for 25 minutes. Use the tools we talked about earlier counting your breath, even if you count to two and repeat again. Or, notice the sensations of the breath in your body to keep you anchored. Or simply repeat a word or phrase like love, peace, I am content over and over again. Eventually youll find a time when you can be still without these tools, but until then use them to help keep your mind settled. And whenever you find youve drifted off, gently bring your attention back to your breath. Meditation is a skill. It needs training and practice. Think of it as a form of exercise for ultimate well-being. Take the time to practice. You wont be disappointed. Especially when you find it allows you to see beauty in so many more things as youre living truly and authentically from the heart.

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