If you have Chronic Fatigue syndrome take the time to read this article and find out what helped me after years of suffering.

If you have Chronic Fatigue syndrome take the time to read this article and find out what helped me after years of suffering.

Chronic fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, cronic fatigue. How many names does it have?

Recently on TV I heard that the medical profession now believe that chronic fatigue syndrome exists. I’m glad the medical profession are catching up a bit. They really can’t help with a disorder they don’t believe exists. I had the same problem with my Candida that caused chronic fatigue. The medical profession thought I had a mental disorder or my husband had physically abused me. They were just looking to come up with a diagnosis because they couldn’t figure it out. Candida is very hard to diagnose and the test they use comes back negative even when you have it.

The medical profession has given this disorder many names. Other than the names I gave at the beginning of this page it is also connected to fibromyalgia. Since the medical field are having a problem believing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) many have turned to alternative help. There seems to a difference in opinion even in the alternative natural profession as to what exactly will solve this problem. Some believe it is an immune system problem.

I believe there are a number of disorders and even environmental toxins that contribute to the possibility of causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For example I had mercury poisoning which caused Candida. One of the symptoms of Candida is being tired. Did you know that being stressed and over acid could also make you very tired? Toxins make you very tired. We are being exposed to many different toxins today. I’m sure there are many other thi9ngs that I don’t know anything about that causes us to be tired. I don’t think it is just one thing that causes chronic fatigue syndrome. I do believe that most of us suffer from being tired because of being to acid and not alkaline. Soda pops are a 2.0 on the PH scale. This is very acid. If you really love your children get them off of soda and you set them the example. Many aches and pains today could be from an acid body. It causes achy muscles. What if chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by an over acid body? Our soil and water is depleted of the needed minerals that used to be present. Would you be willing to try an organic mineral complex for 6 months? You will find that the body will start to cleanse after a short period of time. I feel most get the results I did. Take the time to learn more to educate yourself. Click on the link below. Then when you get the results you are looking for please tell others and help them. Click on the next link to learn how you can become a distributor. Purchase the product and tell others to help them. It makes you feel good to have your health restored and help others and get wealthy doing something good and something you can enjoy. If you just tell one person a month and them by teaching them what I teach you so they can get one a month and so on by the end of the year you will have 4095 people in your downline. If only 20% of these people stayed in your downline using $50 a month product you would have 819 people in your downline making around $8,000 a month. This is residual income. For under $15 a month the company offers x2o builder and is a turnkey program to help you add people to your downline fast. Thanks you for visiting my site. Come Again and be sure to check out the important links below.

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