Green tea- Brewing tips and more

Green tea- Brewing tips and more

Always use the highest quality water available when brewing tea, either bottled or filtered tap water. While your tea water is heating, swirl some hot water in your ceramic tea pot to warm it up.

Use one tea bag per cup or about a teaspoon of loose green tea leaves per cup (eight ounces of water).

A good temperature for brewing green tea is just before the water comes to a boil - about 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the water into your teapot and let the tea steep until it is the desired strength, anywhere from one to three minutes.

You can reuse the tea leaves to brew tea several times. For the best-tasting brew, use fresh water each time.

If you want to avoid the caffeine, the “do it yourself” method is best as some decaffeinating processes reduce the amount of antioxidants found in green tea.

When brewing tea, to remove the caffeine from green tea yourself, let your tea bag or leaves steep for one minute. Throw out that water and make a fresh cup using the same bag or leaves. This way the flavor is not’ lost and you get to keep the health benefits.

If you find the taste of green tea not to your liking, experiment with brewing romantic sounding names like Macha (light and sweet), gunpowder (fresh and a little grassy) and Dragon Well (high quality, brisk taste).

It’s also easy to find green tea mixed with mint, jasmine, ginger or other flavorings with add to its appeal.

Discover for yourself the appeal of brewing and drinking a relaxing cup of green tea. Enjoy this soothing ritual while you take advantage of all the health benefits green tea adds to your diet.

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