Experience the life with in you

Experience the life with in you

I want to tell you about some experience that I had a few days ago. That experience felt like a prayer, rest, tears, happy, joy, love and so much relax all at once and all in that one experience. I want you to experience the life with in you

I tried something called a sweat lodge….what is that you might be asking and did I have that experience in Iceland? Well yes I did have that experience in Iceland in the middle of Reykjavik as a matter of a fact. So what is this sweat lodge? It is a old native american Indian spiritual tradition. It takes part in a small tend outside. The tent is filled with hot stones from a fire and then water is thrown on the stones to make lot of heat in the tend. There is a complete darkness in the tend while the ritual is going on, but it opens up after every round. There where five rounds at this sweat and all of them are about 12-15 minutes long. The first round was to clear our mind, take our thoughts out. The second one was to clean our body and heal him. The third round was for the prayer, reaching our forefathers. The fourth one was for the living and the dead and praying for them. And then the fifth and the final one was to go over all of them again.

While the ritual is on we are chanting and singing some Indian songs, the heat is crazy and you are sweating everything you have to sweat. There is a complete darkness in the tent so you don’t see anything not even the person next to you, you are completely with yourself. When the round is finished then the tent is opened and you bless yourself and say thank you’s for all kinds of things. A water bottle goes around you drink, people talk a little bit and then the tend is closed again and next ceremony starts .

The time is not time in there, if you know what I mean. I did not feel the time in there, it just didn’t matter. I was in the tent for two and a half hours and I did not feel that at all. At one point the man that had the ceremony said that we had been in there for one and a half hour it felt like 10 minutes to me, just amazing, because usually we are so consumed by time that our whole world revolves around time. But in there it just wasn’t a issue. I thought that this experience would be much harder, especially the heat and sitting down for so long. But is wasn’t it was much harder for my mind then anything else. It was only once that I felt I had to push myself further to not go a little bit claustrofobic in there and focus a lot on the breathing part. It is actually difficult to try to explain the experience in there, no one has the same. And a bet if I go again I will not have the same experience as I did for the first time.

When we came out of the tent we got a cold water on us and then went into a warm water. We all felt relaxed and happy and well hungry. We got some fantastic food to eat some great talks and just a all around magnificent experience. The whole program took about six hours, with building the fire for the stones, heating them, dancing, going to the sweat, bathing, eating and tea drinking. If you ever have the change to go to a sweat I would take it, it is something there that just changes you a little bit and heals your soul a little bit. You experience the life with in you.