Cool Nissan Maxima Accessories

Cool Nissan Maxima Accessories
Cool Nissan Maxima Accessories

Are you looking for cool accessories for your Nissan Maxima? Is yes, there are a wide range of them to choose from. From billet grilles to air intakes, you can get anything to enhance your “Maxima” experience. The main accessories and parts of Nissan maxima that are easily available at local authorized Nissan dealers include programmers, brake rotors, billet grilles, chrome trim, exhaust systems, and air intakes. These accessories are both for Nissan maxima trucks and cars.

Some dealers, who deal with universal aftermarket accessories that can fit every model, can be contacted in case you fail to get what you wanted at the authorized Nissan stores.

Some of the coolest Nissan maxima accessories are as follows:

  • Rear Spoiler - This aerodynamic accessory has been custom designed to give an extra-sporty look to your Maxima. It helps increase the rear down force. It usually comes in pre-painted colors and can be availed from Nissan dealers at $ 310. It may require an additional weather strip and a harness, which can be bought at just $55 and $ 40 respectively.
  • Splash Guards - They help the vehicle, especially the lower panels of the car body, from unexpected mud baths. A set of 4 pieces, for rear and front, will cost you around $ 140.
  • Nose Mask - Made of leather-grained vinyl and lined with soft polyester, it costs just $149 and helps in preventing abrasion.
  • Vehicle Covers - Attractive vehicle covers, such as the Triguard and the Silverguard Plus, can also be purchased to give extra protection to your Maxima. The prices may vary from dealer to dealer.

Other cool accessories for Nissan’s Maxima models include the licensed plate frames, moon-roofed wind deflectors, cable lock for vehicle cover, wheel locks, impact sensors for vehicle alarm, touch-up paints.

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